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The latest project at university involves some animation. We had been set with a couple of tasks to get us back to grips with the software before being briefed. This first gif animation was done in Photoshop, a t changing into a 'y', then a 'v', an 'l', and finally finishing on an 'i':

I did another animation in Adobe After Effects, just a random collection of animations to get the gist of the program again (unfortunately the file is proving too large to upload directly to here).

I enjoyed the Photoshop one a lot, but struggled a tad with After Effects due to the vast variables within the program, which although is what makes it a powerful video editing tool, it also makes it an intimidating program to use. However, I hope to endeavour with learning more about the program as this project continues.

Starting 3ds Max

Over the Christmas break I've been quite productive, something to be proud of! I wanted to start to gain some knowledge with the 3D program 3ds Max. It's 3D modelling software that also has animation capabilities. I did it out of curiosity, but also because it could potentially be used in my work if appropriate. Furthermore, it's a relatively straight forward program to use and would be useful to add to my skillset. Who knows what the future holds, the game industry isn't something I take an interest in, but more and more graphic designers are using 3ds Max in their work because of the ability to create interesting imagery, that in the real world may not within budget or even possible. Take these typographic balloons as an example (by Peter Tarka, Warsaw, Poland): 

So I begun with some introductory tutorial videos, a project that involves modelling and animating a robot. I have spent now 4 hours approximately using 3ds max and got up to the texturing (which is where you…


For my first real post on here, I'd thought I'd share what I've been up to. I took up sewing properly not too long ago, and my first project was to make a simple sock bunny. I then decided to do something a little more adventurous...Luma from Super Mario Galaxy! Luma is basically like a power star from the Mario series, but able to talk. And they're very cute.

After making one quite badly, I pursued to make another which turned out good enough for me to sell online, and it sold quite quickly! I sold another not too long afterwards. After a while I decided instead of making them to sell, I should advertise so that people can order one. That way I'm not wasting materials, and my advertisement can stay up online for as long as I can make them, rather than go down once I've sold one.

So, here is my third and most recent order finished:

If you are interested in purchasing one, visit here (yes I'm allowed to unashamedly plug myself in my own blog): https://www.etsy.…

Hey there!

I've had a couple of blogs in the past made as part of my university course, but it's about time I made a blog for everything, because my work is influenced by my everyday goings ons, and it will be a great tool to use to reflect back on my work and thought processes. 

So, I'm a 2nd year university student studying graphic design at the University of Cumbria. I also did a foundation course called year 0 here. I feel I have definitely learnt a lot in a short space of time, and I'm excited to see how much more I will learn in the future. Most importantly, I will never stop learning which is exciting in itself. How boring would it be to know everything? 

I do much more than graphic design. Graphic design in itself is a growing subject, the boundaries between graphic design and other creative areas are blurring, big time. I enjoy web design, illustration, editorial, typography, photography, I could go on! 

Currently I am self teaching myself 3ds max, a program used to generat…