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Branding Animations

The current briefs I am undertaking at university involve creating new identities for two clients; one a photography conference called 'Visualising', the other a charitable trust called 'The Hadfield Trust'.

Below are some examples of how their logos could be animated for digital use.

The Hadfield Trust:


Creepy Character

Like many people, I have moments of procrastination. This time, it involved a spur of the moment drawing of an emaciated, elongated weird character. I ended up scanning it into Photoshop and spending around 20 minutes playing around adding some shading to it. Here is the result:

I have been incredibly busy as of late with university work (well, when am I not?!), hence it being a month since my last post. I have spent the last week or so writing an essay, deconstructing three advertisements using semiotic terminology. Very intellectually challenging stuff. Now I'm undertaking two client briefs at university, both involving a re-brand. I haven't felt like I've been able to really get to grips with this latest project, owing to the essay I have on my hands. Luckily now I only have to clean up my references and I'm done. Then I can continue happily with the new projects.