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Website Redesign

One of many projects to do over the summer, is the re-designing of my website. Currently I feel it lacks impact, and presentation skills. I'm having difficulty settling on a design however. 
I want something clean and simple that will showcase my work, and also allow prospective clients and employers see specific types of work i.e. editorial, photography etc, quickly and easily. Here's a snippet of a design idea I had, but that I'm not all that convinced of yet.
The graphic design section, with a side bar that when a category is selected, instantly filters out such work:
An example of what a specific project page could look like:

Importantly, this website will need to be responsive; adaptable depending on the device the website is viewed upon. I think essentially this requires separate designs for significant size differences. The mobile website may look entirely different from the desktop, as ease of access is most important on mobile devices. A simple 'scaling down' …

Whisky Packaging; The Result

After many, many hours of hard labour using 3DS Max, I finally achieved some renders for my final design:

Overall I'm proud as to what I've achieved in such a short space of time relative to the learning curve of the program (namely texturing; I used V-Ray for this and glass is notorious for not only being one of the most difficult materials to texture, but also taking such a long time to render). 

Over the summer I will be spending more time with the program, with scope of being able to turn to this program more often if suitable. I have noticed that many graphic designers do actually use 3DS Max commonly in their work, and it is becoming a popular tool within the graphic design industry.

This was the last university project for the year, and now I am busy putting together all my work and final submissions for the end of the semester. I feel I have learnt a lot this year, and I feel like I have pushed myself hard too.

(Slightly) Better Bottle Renders

Only a couple of days to go until I complete this current whisky university brief. As I posted earlier on last week, I've been experimenting using 3DS Max in order to be able to visualise my design. Although not totally settled with a bottle design, here are some examples of the sort of experiments I've been doing with shapes, textures and lighting. My main aims of these experiments were to see what textures I could achieve, and what lighting suited the environment.

None of these are my final design, but have helped me inform my decision into a better direction.

I'm still extremely new to 3DS Max, and texturing I barely knew at all before this project, so I've had to put in a lot of time to teach myself using my own initiative to achieve these results. Baring all this in mind, I don't think I've done too bad of a job.  A lot of hours have went into this!

Whisky Project

My new current university project is to design packaging for whisky aimed at 18-25 year olds.

The final design will have to be represented in some way, as we don't have the resources to physically make a glass bottle (unless of course, the final packaging design doesn't involve glass, but perhaps cardboard). With this in mind, I have been doing some very rough mock ups on how I could texture the product in 3DS Max, and here are some results:

Considering I had no access to references or tutorials regarding texturing glass (and so relied on my own initiative), I'm pleased with these quick mock ups so far. Although the focus of this project isn't rendering a product in 3D (we are not taught any 3D software, this is the result of me teaching my self after a few hours), I believe it will be a strong and useful skill to have in the industry; being able to mock up quickly packaging products without having to use a third party.

Easter Holidays

The Easter holidays for most students are a break, not necessarily for me though! I've been spending some time redoing some projects ready for the reassessment due in May. Below are a couple of preview spreads in progress of my magazine editorial:

I also plan on tweaking my TV Ident that needs one or two small changes applying. What I can't believe though is the fast approaching end to my third year of study at University, and the end of year 2 of this course. I have a big list of things I would like to do over summer (as posted earlier, but now with lots more added), but I'm doubting if 4 months is really enough time for it all! 

The one big thing I can't wait to get to work on, is redoing my website which I believe has been in desperate need of redoing since I made it...all I've managed so far is quick thumbnails before getting stuck. The difficulty is balancing something that reflects my personality whilst displaying my work in a clean and simple to navigate manne…