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Website Progress

So, after several hours of coding, I have so far got a basic underlying structure for the desktop site:

A simple horizontal scrolling site, with fade transitions to each page. I've of course got to put in all my projects but once that is done, and the social media buttons are added, it will be a case of making this responsive and thus suitable for portable devices. 
I've had to do a LOT of research for seemingly simple sounding things such as slideshows and such. But it's been worth it as hopefully by the end of this I will have a more personally satisfying website.

Have I Finally Settled on a Website Design?

When I say settle, I mean I won't want to change it within 2 days. I have come up with this design and found it simple enough to focus on the work, but also has a clear structure to it. I plan for pages to transition in some way, perhaps fading in and out but this is something I will experiment with.

I've also started to teach myself responsive web design, I found some good online tutorials which took a while to locate. The best one being a chap on YouTube who kept it nice and simple! Essentially, responsive design coding is exactly that; simple. It seemed it, but a lot of websites I went on for guidance seemed to overcomplicate it. Perhaps I was looking in the wrong places...

Anyway, here is what I hope will be a design I won't want to change in a couple of days (ignore black outlines, this was just where the design didn't fill my laptop's screen): 

I've found myself really busy this week, as I'm covering at work at a site about an hour's drive from where…