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Quick update

As a piece of experimentation into 3D type, I came up with this piece, looking into what type could be 'made of'. Perhaps pt could be a unit in which 1pt = 1 letter of a certain size. So in this image below, the big 't' could be 1,000,000,000pt in size, and so is made up of 1,000,000,000 't's inside of it.

Although just a quick experiment, I may at somepoint texture this into something better than the standard grey material.

Folding Paper

I have had the below book for quite some time:

Yet only recently have I gotten round to reading it properly. I decided to give a very quick shot at one of the paper fold designs, and came up with this little thing:

Despite appearances, this was quite tricky to do. Also thicker paper is a must; I used thin copier paper as I just wanted to try it out quickly but it soon became apparent that it wasn't great at holding a shape. If it's too thick however it could prove tricky to do the folding so there will have to be a compromise.

Although on the surface these folded pieces of paper may look like they serve no purpose other than looking nice, there are several pieces in the book which have packaging potential. Furthermore, I was inspired by how some of the pieces looked almost like pieces of architecture, so I think there's an opportunity to make some physical structures and photograph them as if they were buildings.

In other news, I feel I've been suffering from creative …

The internet is here!

So a couple of days ago we finally got internet in the flat! Which meant time to sort a lot of things out. I got my website ( live which is very exciting. However, there is some tweaking to be done. I found even though my website functioned as it should in Dreamweaver browser preview, when it went live there were a few little niggles that appeared. I'm now working on them to fix them (although some issues are proving nigh-on impossible to solve, so I may have to look to replacing some html and css with java script) but at least I have a far better website design than the previous one! I found it to be an incredibly useful learning process, self teaching myself responsive web design. I've enjoyed it too which is also important.

After I sort my website out, I'm unsure as to what to pursue next. I want to design some business cards, a cv, and a portfolio for myself. These are 3 big projects in themselves as I obviously want them to stand out from the crowd w…


I find coding comes relatively easily to me (most of the time...), so my problem isn't understanding it. My problem is redesigning stuff halfway through! Plus, there's been a few tough obstacles to overcome, despite me thinking my design would be simple to do.

I'm trying to have an 'above the fold' website in which once you click onto the site, everything is there on one page without scrolling down for more content. This involved making stuff responsive vertically which isn't as straightforward as making stuff responsive horizontally. The solution was simple enough, and so the only other issue was the nav bar being annoying. In the end I just didn't make the nav bar consist of any listed items then voilĂ ! Problem fixed. 

Now I'm just sorting out my images for the site, and a few other bits and pieces of small things to do that take weirdly longer than the bigger stuff. Oh, and you've guessed it - still no internet in the flat! So I've been sat her…