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Oh dear...

I think I have that curse of never being satisfied with my website design. Although I'm really eager to start coding and building a new one straight away (I have a design already), I want to fully ensure I'm going to be happy with it 110%. That and I think it will be a good idea to incorporate this as a self-branding project in third year. This way I can dedicate time to it properly because at the moment I'm darting between my current 3 jobs, and my very sparse spare time when I'm not catching up with food or sleep is spent reading for my dissertation.

The lesson I've learnt from this? Designing for yourself is incredibly hard. And also don't settle on a design if you're not 110% happy with it. On the plus side, I learnt how to do responsive website coding whilst building my current site design, so the time spent certainly hasn't gone to waste!

So below is the new website design, very roughly outlined below. I need to experiment more with the overall pr…

What I learnt in second year

I've lately been thinking over what I have learnt now over the past few years at university. So I've compiled a (lengthy in depth) list. I don't expect anyone to read this; if anything this is more of a useful reflection for myself to read back through. So here goes.

1. Looking at good design improves your own.

I follow a good amount of blogs using my blogging app Feedly, as well as lots of boards on Pinterest. I've collected inspirational pieces from both of these sources onto my Pinterest whether I found them useful for a current project, or useful in general. I've found the more I've looked, the more I've learnt, and the more it's inspired me. This has been a key factor in improving my own work because I learn what looks 'good' and what doesn't. It helps me understand why something I have designed just doesn't quite hit the nail on the head yet.

It's also important to never stop looking. If I see a good beer label (I found one toda…

I know I just redesigned my website within the past two months, but...

I'm already thinking of redesigning my website - again! My new current site is an above the fold design, which means that the website is designed so that specific pieces of the webpage stay above the point in which you need to scroll. In my case, it is the entire site.

It has it's positives, in that the user can see all the information they want as soon as they land on any of my pages without having to scroll or look around to find where they want to go. On the downside of things, it was difficult to make it work responsively. It works don't get me wrong, but if a browser isn't just that bit long enough. a 'pointless' scroll bar appears. Pointless as there is no content hidden below the fold except presumably the actual div box that holds the content. This is something that sounds incredibly easy to fix but I'm pretty sure I tried previously and it didn't work for whatever reason. I recall it being related in some way to the fact I have the website code…


I just started my placement today - the time flew by! There's lots of exciting stuff lined up to do, and I can't wait to get cracking and make some progress after we now have confirmation on a client's decision. The meeting I joined with a client was a very useful experience in learning how best to communicate and relay ideas effectively, and present initial concepts. I loved the whole interaction process of being able to offer suggestions on solutions to different problems, especially when the client responds positively and is as excited as yourself on the idea. I also experienced the other side of things; that dreaded creative block. We worked through it though, and even though the client chose an idea that was already conceived earlier, it was a choice that will enable us to have a lot of fun with it.

Aside from my placement, I'm also busy on the late evenings when I'm back home researching for my dissertation. I even have my own dissertation (www.laurenminesdis…

Experimenting with compositions

Although not studying illustration, I'm certainly partial to doodling and playing around with illustrating in my spare time, such as this piece I did a couple of days ago:

I recently had an idea in my head of a sailing ship being drawn by two whales in the night sky; a peaceful image. Instead of sketching this idea on paper, I found myself grabbing what I could find off google images to help me decide on a composition.

Admittedly, for the concept image below I didn't actually experiment too much with composition, but actually ended up testing how good my Photoshop skills were; more precisely how well I could match the lighting of two separate images.
Below is a before and after:

Although by no means perfect (and apologies for the poor cutting out of the images, this really was just a rough sketch up of what the illustration idea I had in my head was), I was quite pleased with how I managed to alter the lighting. 
In the process I learnt how useful it can be to mock-up illustra…