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Final days of placement

Seeing as I only have Thursday and Friday left of my placement, I thought it would make sense to do a post on what I have learnt. You always hear of people saying how important it is to get a placement because you learn stuff you don't learn in university blah blah, talking about how it's different in the real world. And you know what? It is.

First thing that immediately springs out is that if you send something to print at university and there's an error, it's frustrating but the cost of a reprint is most likely under £10. A sting if you're living on not much more than that a week. In the real world however, it's not your weekly budget that's on the line. It's potentially thousands of leaflets, posters, business cards etc with big budgets to match. If you mess up, the company or person you are working for is going to have to pay, and it will be a lot more than £10. What's even more, is that your reputation is also on the line, and the fact you will…

Summer reaching an end

This coming week is the final week before university commences - I'm really looking forward to starting third year, even if it is the beginning of the end of my (formal) education, and the real world is just around the corner.

So, what have I done with my summer? Redesign and recode my website - twice - as well as working on placement for 7 weeks where I have learnt an awful lot. I've drawn up a list of projects I'd like to do in third year, and I have thought on my lines of enquiry for dissertation. Admittedly I haven't done as much reading as I would have liked to have done on dissertation, but at least I've thought on the areas of which I'd like to study. I have also documented this both on my dissertation blog and my notebook where I mind map and write stuff down.

This final week before uni will be used for cracking on with dissertation so it's all fresh in my mind for any up and coming meetings on the essay that I assume commences the same week I start…

Logo design in the digital age

Everyone is talking about Google's new logo design. If you haven't already noticed, here is before and after:

Me personally - I'm largely undecided over if I like it or not. One thing I was certain I liked, was its flexibility on screen and that part of the new logo involved how it could be animated in a digital context.

Before the boom of the digital age and computers, logos were designed for solely print in mind. Once the internet really took off and companies saw the benefits of being online, logos were having to be considered for digital screens. Now digital screens are gaining more prominence in people's lives than print and so it's vital now that logos are designed with a strong consideration of digital implementation. Think of how much time you spend on the screen compared to printed products. Emails, phone applications, online banking etc. Of course in the real world as you walk through streets and towns you will be consciously (and subconsciously) inundate…