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Animated experimentations for the projection project

Projection project experiments

I am experimenting aesthetically with techniques and overall moods for the projection project, using these experiments to direct my development. The aim is to produce a consistent style throughout these projections to tie them all together aesthetically so that they look belonging. I have used a mixture of my own imagery as well as found imagery to conduct the below experimentations:

This was some found imagery; I was experimenting with colour and subtle additions of animation to create an overall mood.

For this one below I took a few consecutive shots to experiment making footage from a series of photographs:

Inspiration for my projection project

I have been looking at how people have done different styles of animation that invokes a mood, as well as generally interesting techniques. Here's some below:

This video above is predominantly hand drawn animation, however I'm interested in the parts that have collated photography/filmwork alongside the animations, and how they interact with each other. The use of black and white throughout ties the whole animation together well.

I like the technique of ink dropped on to water to develop an illustration in front of the camera. Different coloured inks could represent different moods. I think the difficulty would be rendering illustrations that would be comprehensive and easily understood. Also an excellent video camera would be required in order to pick up the fine details, a video camera with good macro abilities.

I'm not entirely sure how this was made, but a guess is that it's a sheet of tracing paper or something similar, with the 'animator' standing behind,…

Unpaid internships

Internships are more or less essential for anyone who wants to break into the design industry. Job postings specify experience in nearly all cases, and even if this isn't a 'requirement', it's certainly preferable and those who have experience have the edge over those who don't. Currently, the law in the UK means companies can have people work for them as 'work experience' without having to pay the student/graduate. This is where the problems arise.

Companies get the opportunity to attain a 'free' worker. Graduates fresh out of university who can use the software and have a smashing portfolio, along with an amazing skill set, can be used for little to absolutely no cost. What's more, companies are under no obligation to employ the graduate after the internship is finished. Arguably some companies are running their business model partially on the availability of graduates who are desperate for that all important experience. Cycles of skilled peop…

Where did the last 6 weeks go?!

Well, I've seemed to have abandoned this blog! Absolutely not the case, however time has rather ran away from me. I've so far had 2 projects, and onto a third alongside the ever present dissertation. I've also been ill numerous times...pharyngitis, food poisoning and finally a chest infection which is my current illness - my immune system has been taking a proper beating these past 6 weeks! It's all been madness; I even got made redundant but thanks to the TUPE law, even though my current company lost the contract, the new company coming in legally has to employ me - yey I have a job! For a period of two weeks however there was no sign of a new employer coming along to save I was very stressed! All of these factors have meant I have been one stressed-out woman, juggling endless worries. Most are gone now - well - except obviously dissertation which looms in the background.

My last project which was a publication on Adrian Frutiger has just been handed in. Didn&…