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A nice surprise!

I checked my notifications on my Twitter account, to see I had been featured on World Packaging Design Society's website, Twitter and Facebook (see the website here: I am trying to find out how they discovered my work at the moment, so I can only speculate as to whether it was my post on Instagram, Twitter, or perhaps just they came across it on my website. They have referenced my website at the end of the post on their website, so they have obviously visited it at some point!

I think this perfectly highlights to me the importance of getting your work out there. You never know who is going to see it. At present, World Packaging Design Society's Facebook post on my work has reached over 100 likes, which although to most isn't an impressive amount, to me it means a lot. It is also a huge confidence boost and motivator, so I appreciate this so much. 
I will be looking at refining some of my other pieces o…

The Final!

Well, what a learning experience! Animation (in 3D) is something I have never attempted before. I used no tutorials, 99% my own intuition, 1% my other half's (Owein Mason; a recent graduate in 3D Modelling) input to help remind me where 'this tool was' in 3ds Max. I had to cut down the original number of planned scenes but I felt Bert climbing the mountain perfectly represented what I wanted to say about myself. 
Unfortunately due to the huge amount of frames, I could only allocate a lower quality render otherwise it would have taken days to render this. Combine this with the fact I obviously have to decompress the file so it's a nice enough size for internet viewing, and the quality isn't amazing of course. However, I think this demonstrates to myself what I can achieve if I push myself, as well as of course showing my love of cars, and my traits of perseverance, hard work, and enjoying a challenge.
Here it is!: 

Quick sketches

Given the short time scale and ambition for the project, I had to quickly determine the look and storyboard of the animation, as outlined below:

Animation test of complete model

Now I've completed the modelling, texturing and lighting to how I want it, I decided to run a quick test of animating the wheels. They proved oddly tricky to animate (a pesky pivot point wasn't behaving), but after some crying I finally got the wheels to animate well:

Wireframe model and texturing

Current update of progress; I've modelled the car thoroughly now - here is when it is in its wireframe:

The modelling took a little longer this time round compared to the test, as I wanted to make sure I got the look spot on, and enhanced Bert's characteristics accurately. The texturing was a lot quicker, although the lighting was a little tricky to work around. Here is how the scene stands currently:

Close up!:

Now the scene is near enough set to go for animation.

Animation tests - warning, very crude...

Following up from the previous post, here is a crude test animation or 2:

This test provided valuable information, mainly the time scale of which this project could take. For instance, the above animation which lasts approximately 3 seconds took only 20 minutes to model, texture, light and animate. Once the item is modelled, you can remove this time for any remaining scenes. So sequential scenes after this one will take less time as Bert is already modelled. Lighting and textures are included in this too, with only minor adjustments being needed once the main scene is set.

How to represent me!

A task has been set to represent my personality and traits in some way shape or form - essentially, what's unique about me. 
After much thought I came to these conclusions how I sum myself up:
I like carsI really like my charismatic classic car 'Bert'Amongst those who know me, Bert is often associated with me and I'm often associated with BertI like technology and experimenting with it in my workI'm a hard workerI'm independentI like to take on challenges So I thought an apt representation of me, would be by using good ol' Bert. I'm setting myself a challenge which is to create a 3D animation of Bert in which to represent myself. The fondness for technology and experimenting with it in my work will be represented by the use of 3D/animation in itself, and my other traits can be represented in mini scenarios. For instance, hard working could be Bert driving along full steam 'sweating'. Taking on challenges could be Bert floating through floods (som…