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This one probably won't need much explaining. Trump has some stupid/dangerous 'ideas'. He is certainly an interesting individual which has lead me to watch typical Channel 4 documentaries on the subject.


Original text said 'because distorting type is cool'. I see a lot of people scanning in type and then shaking it slightly to distort it. I like it, but I see it so much it makes me not want to like it. I tried the digital way of doing it just to play around with distorting type, which consisted of me using the liquify tool in Photoshop. I ended up overdoing it but it changed into something quite abstract and changed some of the letterforms into something more pictorial in nature. Interesting it sort of relates to my dissertation topic.


For number 7 of design a day, take a good ol' look at one of Bert's (many) rusty orifices. It's like a piece of abstract art that would sell for millions. Hmmm...


Today's design a day dawns on what I'll be doing tomorrow - taking photographs of wor Bert for a uni project (if you really don't know me, Bert is my classic car currently hiding in storage). It's been 5 years next month since I bought him, and 3 years almost since I last drove him. If we can find the battery tomorrow, there *may* be a chance to try and start up his massive 0.7 litre 2 cylinder engine.


Today is #5 of design a day - how would you ever guess? Although these may not look like a lot of time has been spent on them, there's considerations such as typeface choice and colour etc. Besides the point, I'm doing the design a day project with the intention to practice my design skills in the form of short exercises that I don't put much thought into. Going back to basics so to speak.


It's actually pretty hard to come up with things to 'design' and do after coming back from placement every night. So tonight, I present a raspberry. Enjoy.


For #3 of design a day, the eagle-eyed among you may pick up on some The Slaves lyric references here. Mainly a mash-up of 'Feed the Manta Ray' in regards to the random Manta Rays, and 'Cheer Up London' for the text.


For today's design piece a quick play with colour; I was inspired after reading some books I've rented from the library, 2 which focused on colour in design. Speaking of colour, I am planning to do an editorial piece as a project that will be printed on yellow paper (hint: it's going to be a photographic editorial based on a certain little car...), which will make a change from printing on white paper!

A design a day!

Now it is the Easter holidays (although they certainly aren't 'holidays' for me!), I wanted to take the chance to do something a bit fun that would also help me improve my design skills. So, I'm challenging myself to do a design a day. There's no real strict rules, other than to aim to do one a day. I can spend either 5 minutes, or 5 hours. Some designs may have a purpose (i.e. answering a brief), some can be just random mash-ups of whatever.

So for today's very quick piece, a sort of title to mark the beginning of design a day: