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4 years!

The end of my university education is just about here, and I'm sitting here reflecting on the entire journey. I started in 2012, on a foundation year called 'Year 0'. My knowledge of graphic design was extremely limited and frankly, embarrassing. Prior to my degree, I had only experience in fine art. In fact, prior to choosing graphic design as a degree I was originally going to be on a medicine course at Durham University - quite the change to graphic design, but the summer school I did there confirmed I truly wanted to follow my passion for art/design. Anyways, my portfolio when applying to universities was errr really not great. I had no graphic design experience what so ever, so had only fine art pieces to show and what I had done in my spare time (which consisted of poor photoshops of my classic car, a Muse t-shirt, a portrait... you get the picture). I wasn't even shown how to make a portfolio for university applications, and at the time, could not find a single …

OMG It's been, like, a month since my last post

And I'm sorry. I have been VERY busy. Within the past month I have completed a 3 week placement at Solution Group in Gateshead, only a few mile from whence I am from (Chester-le-Street, some old dude called St. Cuthbert was buried here at one point. And our Church was initially a Cathedral until they bloody built the one in Durham. So we were a city, surely?). Anyway, I enjoyed working in the real world, and I think the thing I learnt most was stuff that arguably is back to basics. Things like idea generation and time management; using time management to your advantage. In my foundation year at university we worked on a few projects at the same time. I found this irritating, and would often just leave everything to play COD4 on my Xbox in halls - until the deadline was too close to ignore. I clearly missed on an opportunity here to learn about the benefits of working with more than one project at the same time. Alas, I was young and wet behind the ears (hey, I still am!).

On my pl…