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It's been a while since my last post, mainly because I've been busy moving to Birmingham where my new job is at. Currently myself and Owein have been waiting for the keys for the new flat for over 2/3 weeks but finally we get them tomorrow! Once we are fully moved and settled properly, I promise to keep this blog more updated. I am so excited though to build IKEA furniture, and also I'm renting out a reasonable sized van to move our stuff and I'm going to tailgate everyone, shout profanities at women who dare to expose their ankles, and mount the occasional pavement and/or pedestrian. 

In other news I found out recently I will be graduating with First Class Honours in BA (Hons) Graphic Design which was exciting and great news to hear. Will I do a masters in the future? Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows...

So what now?

A question that bugs a lot of students once they finish university. For most it's to find a job; ideally doing something in the field that they want to do. But once you've done that, is that it? The answer is no. Absolutely not! Cheesy as it sounds, but when you've left university, you've only really just begun. So although I will be working 9-5 at my full time job come next week, my evenings and weekends will be spent not only relaxing, but also working on my portfolio. One thing that has worried me as being a possible issue, is neglecting to work on self-initiated projects. I really don't want this to happen.

So amidst the madness of packing/moving stuff, I will also be trying to divulge some sort of schedule and a list of projects I want to complete. I've already learnt from my time at university and work placements that working on more than one thing at the same time is the most efficient way to do it, so when creative block hits on one project you can move…

Hard work pays off!

Here is me looking happy as Larry (I never can smile well in photos) next to my exhibition stand on our 'etc.' exhibition preview night. The work behind me is a result of 4 years of very hard work. Although in year 0 of my course I took things relatively slowly, that soon changed. I worked out how much I was working every week, and in year 2/3 it was 100 hours or more. 10 hours was my part time job which was funding my living costs and course costs, the remaining 90 hours were spent working on my degree. So on average, I was spending 12 hours of everyday working tirelessly to try and do the best I could. I'd get into uni for around 9am most days, leave at 4.45pm to go to my part time job, then would drive back home for around 7.30pm where I'd stay up until 2am before retiring back to bed. I often did at least 1 all nighter every week, at times this could be as many as 2. If I was lucky I'd have a day or 2 of rest before doing the second all nighter. If I was reall…