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3 months in the 'real world'

It's coming up to 3 months now being in my job as a graphic designer, and pretty much 3 months since finishing my course. So what have I learnt?

In terms of real life responsibilities, very little has changed from university life. I rented private accommodation rather than student accommodation in my final year of study as my other half had graduated and wasn't therefore able to go in most student accommodation, and secondly it turns out it's a LOT paying rent every month as well as organising the utility bills etc is all the same as it was from university, except now I have to pay council tax of course. My car insurance and MOT etc are all still paid by me. All living costs that you can think of etc. HMRC also don't ever seem to know what the bloody hell they're doing, so I'm STILL being taxed too much. I've given up calling them to sort it out because well at least it's some extra money put away for my savings I will see sometime next Apr…