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I threw a hat

It's been a while since my last post, so I thought I'd do a brief-ish summary of what the crack is lately.

Firstly and foremost I graduated last week (November 22nd) and it was a fun if hectic day! I was only in Carlisle for a few hours so didn't get to hang around much, but I did get to throw my graduation cap which may or may not have ended up with grass stains, which may or may not be visible in the professional graduation photo...I also perhaps threw my hat by accident at a very important historic building but luckily no damage incurred. I was then spoilt by family with cards and presents, and a lovely meal out followed by a pub quiz (which we lost).

In other news a massive project I've been working on has been printed and is currently awaiting to be presented in Brussels to governments of the EU including ours (eek). Here's a little preview:

A super brief summary of what it is: outlining the key areas of research which need to be funded by the EU in order for …