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My latest website redesign

I've redesigned my website a fair few times now. The first iteration was in university when we were taught basic coding and had to build a website as part of the module. Because we were only taught basic html and css, the site was not responsive which bugged me massively. So over the summer before starting my final year, I designed a website which was responsive. It was only live for a week before I decided I wanted to redesign it AGAIN, and I finally settled on this:

Nothing special, just a simple, straight forward, and to the point design. Also, fully responsive. To be honest, portfolio sites shouldn't be anything extravagant as it distracts from the purpose of the website which is to show your work to potential employers. Now it's been well over a year since redesigning the site - in fact something like 18 months.

Although there wasn't anything explicitly wrong with the design of the website, I started to feel that it was a bit monotonous. There was no variation to keep the viewer interested. I also fancied the challenge of coding a new site! So I went back to the drawing board and created something that features variation, to reflect the variation of my work - and here's the result:

As you can see the panels are of varying sizes, conforming to a grid. I feel this design allows me to tailor the way I display my work i.e. some images work better in a portrait format, and so I can play to the strengths of an image a lot easier. Some may have seen I've done '2' web re-designs lately, labelling the latest as 'mk2'. Both these new designs are nearly identical, but the main reasoning for a mk2 of the new design was to perfect the coding a bit more. So there we are!

On the horizon now is potentially another web project, hopefully learning about javascript a bit more in the process. I need to figure out what projects I want to do next, and there are some loose ends that need tying up (a couple of app concepts were made, but I never progressed them any further!).

In terms of what I've been working on in my job - quite a few things really! On the web side of things here's some trial pages I designed:

Hopefully sometime this week I will decide on my next project to work on, and I will try to post up any concepts I have for it on here.

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