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Blacks Gateway Pages & The Importance of Designing for Fun

You may or may not have already seen my web page designs for Blacks, a high street retailer that sells footwear, clothes, bags, etc tailored for the outdoors. I had a lot of fun with this conceptual project, here's some shots:

I did this project for a bit of fun, and so I could add another website design to my portfolio. I loved incorporating topographic lines into the design (for some reason I really love the look of topographic lines, they're so pretty!). The brand predominantly uses lighter blacks in the colour palette, so I thought a monochrome scheme would work well. I wasn't looking to re-brand Blacks, but to make something cool that fitted with their pre-existing brand.

It's great to do personal projects, and if you're passionate about your profession it shouldn't take much persuading to get on and do some in your spare time! If you truly love being a graphic designer/illustrator/creative person, you will always find time to do some work outside of your job. Even just reading up on design is being proactive! I think it's vital to keep on practising your craft as I believe if you don't use it, you lose it. Even if your full-time role is in the creative industry, it's always good practice to have a go at a project that you otherwise might not do, and keep experimenting and learning to expand your portfolio and your skill set.

Since I left University in June, and started my job in June, these are the projects I've done outside of work - most are completed, some were started but have been left in progress for now:

Owein's portfolio site

Their Little Monsters logo design, branding, and website build

Style Society logo design

Beginnings of a weather app concept

Car symbol icon designs

A Koi carp poster which I've sold a number of

A solar system canvas

A sea-themed colour palette poster, featuring an illustration I did last year for another project

So cut out those excuses and get designing ;)

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