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Showing posts from September, 2017

Website Updates

As you may know, I love updating my website...doing the odd tweak here and there and yes, once again I've updated my site! Mostly a rearrangement of the homepage but there's one or two new projects on there that haven't been on there previously:

Better yet, if you visit my site you may notice some transitions on there, visible mainly when resizing the website window. These were made using only CSS, and something I experimented with upon discovering it and decided I quite liked it on my website. My website is something I always look to keep updated and tweak here and there, a big reason is just because I enjoy doing so, but the other reason is that it's simply just good practice to keep your website updated.

Graphic Design Festival Scotland Poster

I designed a poster a few months back, an illustrative representation of Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement:

Done as a spur of the moment thing, inspired by a symbol we see on a day to day basis, I decided to enter it into the Graphic Design Festival Scotland competition - the competition brief was open to anything. I found out 2 weeks ago it is through to stage 1 of the selection process! So for the next stage I was asked to post 2 copies of the poster and in 2 weeks I will find out if it's through to the final round, and therefore exhibited at the event in October. The final 3 winners will be announced at the exhibition on the opening night.

Fingers crossed the poster makes it through to the next round, it would be pretty cool to see it in an exhibit! I don't often enter design competitions, in fact I think this might be the first one I have entered? I had fun making this poster either way, as well as this poster I also created to advertise the exhibition: